April 25, 2012
Commissioned art work: Peacock Diptych.

I did mockups and studies and pencil sketches for this one because they’re large pieces (large for me anyway - 18 x 24 inches each).

This is the initial study. I want the peacocks to have this level of detail…

…but I want the poses to be more dynamic, like so. The one on the left is an Indian Blue peacock and the one on the right is a Java Green peacock.

The clients wants a vintage-looking gold/ochre background and he’ll probably have the pieces framed and positioned this way in his home.

I was going to do the tail feathers like this but these studies are too stylized. I want the final artworks to have a vintage ornithological illustration look, so I have to stay kinda realistic.

So I’ll do the tail feathers like this. Still stylized and intricate, since that’s really my style, but more realistic than my previous study.

Worked on the tail feather lines lines lines over several days. Whew! Still have to fill in the “eye” colors and add details, but the hardest part is over.

Now to work on their faces. Here’s where you can start to see the difference between the Indian Blue peacock and the Java Green peacock. You’ve probably heard of albino peacocks too, but what about peach, violet, cameo, opal, and charcoal? While researching for this commission I came across so many peafowl breeds and varieties! If you’re curious, check out Peafowl Photo Gallery and Peafowl Varieties Database. :)

Here’s where I ended today. I’ll finish by the end of the month.

Colors slightly off because I just took pictures with my phone.

- Feanne / facebook / tumblr

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